Industrial Wireless

The bandwidth, speed and coverage requirements of industrial sites are rapidly expanding. Fast, reliable and secure wireless solutions are essential to smooth and profitable site operations.

Aqura’s unique approach to industrial wireless architecture reaches over vast expanses on-site and across supporting transport networks.

Our dedicated LTE team can design and optimise LTE RAN, Core and integration of associated applications through to providing operational support and maintenance.

  • Full architecture analysis
  • System design
  • System development and implementation

Unified Connectivity and Network Optimisation
Our solution provides one dedicated voice, video and data network. Removing network duplication facilitates IT/OT integration and a truly unified communications network.

Reduce costs and down time
A unified network also facilitates a reduction in field assets and infrastructure, reducing network maintenance costs and potential down time.

Business Process Improvement
A unified 4G network facilitates multiple process-level improvements. A unified network presents opportunities for real-time data and analytics, asset and maintenance cycle tracking and automation.

Improved Reliability
Our customers have seen measurable performance improvements to their existing systems. Our 4G solution facilitates improvements in asset performance and utilisation. See our Case Studies for more information.

LTE (4G) has emerged as the optimal medium for the carriage of wireless communications data across a variety of sectors. Our LTE solutions provide a consolidated network platform to support a range of data sources and communications objectives.

We provide tailored LTE solutions to suit individual customer needs, providing optimum planned radio frequency coverage and performance.

Incorporated in our LTE solution is WAN optimisation, which categorises traffic, and prioritises it by type and criticality. This is designed to give safety critical network traffic priority over less important data streams.

The resource industry has widely adopted private LTE network technology to facilitate automation, analytics and remote communications. We have implemented our solutions across Surface, Underground and Remote Exploration sites, among others. See our Case Studies for more information on potential use cases of Aqura Technologies.