Industrial IoT

As networks of machines and sensors continue to be commonplace in industries across the globe, a robust network to support operations has never been more critical.

Aqura Technologies has the in-house expertise to realise the value of your networks. We utilise:

  • Machine to machine (M2M) communications
  • Asset health tracking and monitoring
  • Location based tracking and monitoring
  • Industrial autonomy
  • Big data analytics

We have the track record and expertise to deliver a comprehensive high performance connectivity solution to bring additional capacity and productivity to your business.

Leave the Management to Us
We manage existing support agreements with clients that have substantial national footprints. We support these solutions with a 24 hour service desk, operating with advanced remote diagnostic and remote access applications. We are fully equipped to rapidly identify and rectify any issues that occur, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Data Optimisation
Industry is increasingly using sensory data to optimise production assets and operational processes.
Our solution optimises the collection and transmission of data over commercial or private networks, allowing for distributed data collection and analysis from applications that are hosted locally. This reduces data that is transmitted over low bandwidth networks, thus minimising network costs.

Reduced Network Costs
Our solution provides one dedicated voice, video and data network. Removing network duplication facilitates IT/OT integration and a truly unified communications network. A unified network also facilitates a reduction in field assets and infrastructure, reducing network maintenance costs and potential down time.

Safety Business Process Improvement
A unified communications platform facilitates multiple process-level improvements. A unified network presents opportunities for real-time data and analytics, asset and maintenance cycle tracking and automation, providing the potential to mitigate against, or reduce response times to critical incidents on site.

Our Industrial IoT team can offer services ranging from simple hardware supply, through to discrete projects, ad-hoc support, managed services, business consulting and technology outsourcing.

Our team has developed capabilities to support emerging technology trends in the voice and unified communications industry, including:

  • Cloud based SIP voice services
  • Voice over LTE
  • Video over LTE (live video streaming)
  • Push to Talk (two-way radio) over LTE
  • Location based services; personnel and asset tracking
  • Our Industrial IoT solutions have applications in various sectors, from industrial through to mining and resources. Our technology works to optimise utilisation of field assets and facilitates live access to data for use in production analysis, automation and control systems.