Content Access Network

Our scalable network technology provides the confidence that your network is providing rich media in a secure and user-friendly way.

Our communication platform enables the delivery of internet-based services to keep your user community in touch with friends and family and has access to online content streaming services.

Our products include:

  • Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Legacy VDSL
  • Managed Internet Services
  • MATV
  • Managed Telephony

Optimise Spend on Internet Services
Our content delivery systems are optimised to provide real cost savings in comparison to traditional free to air and internet based systems.

Provide optimal work life balance
Our system provides the platform for users to access their own content and accounts, while on site. They can connect with important business information and services, while also connecting with their preferred entertainment technology sources.

Optimised Content Delivery
Our solution offers the capability to optimise traffic by allocating traffic priority and bandwidth by content and application type. This allows Aqura customers to deliver equitable internet services for the user community.

The traditional model of content solution delivery was predicated on limited free to air TV services, augmented with the addition of cable TV options and subscription TV and/or scheduled movies, with little or no on-demand content options.

Our system presents a cost-effective means to deliver on demand communications and entertainment content – including Internet, free to air TV, PayTV, Video-on-Demand services, telephony, news feeds, weather, site induction videos and more.

Benefits include:

Full Utility Model

  • Per user/per month model
  • Rates based on the individual services procured by the client
  • Private Cloud infrastructure

  • Fully integrated into the client environment
  • Enables full alignment with existing operational process and procedures
  • Flexibility to expand and either provide or integrate with other communications initiatives
  • Completely scalable platform

  • Enables easy addition or removal of users to the platform
  • Additional flexibility available for divestitures or acquisitions
  • The Aqura system can add value to any organisation where connectivity and access to content for the community is a priority. Aqura recently transformed the entertainment experience for the workers at a tier-one mining company through the deployment of an integrated system.